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Welcome to the relaxing, enjoyable experience of interesting learning with interesting people.

There is a $2 cost for members at each meeting in a hired venue and $1 if refreshments are provided.

Please be aware there may be a few small extra costs for some Courses -  photocopying etc. We try to keep charges to a minimum but there can be costs specific to a Course, which you will be asked to cover.

Join in the spirit of U3A Tawa for a fun-filled learning experience. If there is any subject you would like to see included at some later date please contact the courses co-ordinator.

Current Courses:   January to June 2018
Please ensure you are a current member of U3A Tawa before selecting courses
The membership forms includes provision to select courses       
Programme Summary: A two page summary of courses updated 28 December 2017
Full Description of Courses: Description of Courses - (pdf) updated 16 December 2017
Courses Selected Application: Courses Application 2018 (pdf)  Do not use the online membership form

(only required if already a current member and wish to now enrol in a course)

U3A Online Course - independent Study Courses        

U3A OnlineCourses - Courses with a Leader       


 Membership Form

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